Serving American Cuisine where hand crafted meets quality ingredients. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with views of our open kitchen or dine out on our patio.

The foundation of Ironwood American Bistro is to be beneficial to the community we are in and beyond. We offer seasonal, responsibly sourced ingredients, used to create American Cuisine. America’s melting pot of various ethnicities has created some of the worlds most inspired dishes and that is where we find inspiration for our menu. 

A few examples of our choices in product; Use only unbleached flours in our noodles, pastries and flat-breads. Rice bran oil to saute and deep fry. Wild caught shrimp not farmed. No hormones or antibiotics in our meats. No soy additives in our dairy. No plastic t-shirt bags, paper only. No Styrofoam, bio to-go boxes.

We aspire to cultivate the best of human qualities through the way we source our ingredients, welcome our guests, invest in our employees and engage in our community; one meal service at a time.


Join us for happy hour, Tuesday through Thursday & Sunday from 4:30 to 6:30pm.



(707) 759-4297



203 Main Street
Suisun City, CA 94585

(behind Virgil's Bait Shop next to train depot)

Parking-  There is a parking lot adjacent to Ironwood as well as two large public parking lots located directly across street and street parking.



Tue - Sun: 4:30pm - 9pm

Fri: 4:30-9pm

Sun: 4:30-9pm

Mon: closed


"I cook because of the intimate connection that it creates with people; few interactions come close to that."

- Chef Megan Smith

One special day a few years ago, Megan was on a drive with her Dad who lives on Oahu, when she asked about the occasional evergreen trees that look out of place amongst the tropical plants. Her Dad told her they were Ironwood trees, not indigenous to Hawaii; Megan was curious and taken by their beauty. She discovered the trees are not invasive but rather are beneficial to where they grow; improving soil quality, bearing edible fruit and providing wood great for cooking and building. That is the foundation of Ironwood American Bistro; to be beneficial to the community and beyond.



Chef Owner Megan Smith has been working in professional kitchens across the country since age 15. She has competed in the American Culinary Federation team hot food completions winning gold and silver medals at regionals and nationals (1999), had her recipes in Bon Appetit (2005) and was featured on the Food Network when she was executive chef at FISH (2010).  She is committed to sourcing product that is good for the community.

 Ironwood American Bistro.

 Ironwood American Bistro.

Culinary Camp Saturday Mornings 10am-12 noon

Classes are based on technique with recipes to show case the skills to be taught. Food safety, kitchen economy, flavor developement and knife skills. Call for further details or to book a class.

Class minimum 5 students, maximum 12 students. $55 per class per student.

Class 1- Soups, Stocks & Sauces

Quick Stocks- Vegetable Onion Stock & Shrimp

24 hr Stocks-Chicken & Beef Stock. Roasted Cauliflower Soup /Shrimp & Summer Vegetable Fettuccine

Class 2- Emulsions (Salad Dressings & Sauces) and Blanching Vegetables. Caesar, Various Oils (garlic & lemon) & Vinegars, Coulis

Class 3- Sautés and Pan Roasting (from burner to oven)

          Fish, Pork Chop, Vegetable. The Beauty of Brown Butter.

Class 4-  Oven Roasting

          Whole Chicken, Gravy, Roux and Beurre Manie

Class 5- Desserts

          Pate Choux (sweet & savory) & Crème Brule (simplifying custard)